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Will the video be produced for you or your business?

Do you want your video to showcase who you are and what you’re passionate about or do you want people to find out more about your business?

Fill out the Questionnaire?

We will send you a list of questions for you to answer. We will then create a one-minute script that will describe you or your business.

Approve the Script

We will send you the finished script where you will be able to make any changes before the production of the video begins.

Choose a Voice

You can choose to use your own voice or we can provide you with a male or female voice for a small additional charge.

Send Images and Videos

Send us photos that you have of yourself or your business that you want to include in the video. If you have video of your business, send us those too.

Video is finished

Your intro video will be completed within two days of us getting your script approved and all assets such as images and videos sent to us.

Watch Some Examples

Professional Biz Card

When you purchase your Video Biz Card

  • You will be redirected to a page where you will download your questionnaire
  • Fill it out and send it back to us
  • We will create a script and send it back for your approval
  • We will request some assets from you
  • The video will go into production
  • We will send you a rough cut for you to view and you will have one more opportunity to make any changes
  • Completed HD video will be sent to you

The time frame we outlined could speed up or slow down depending on each persons ability to find relevant images and/or videos. It all depends on each individual's time constraints. Everyone is busy and we understand that. Getting approval of scripts and audio may take longer depending on each person's schedule. Our promise to you is that we will work as fast as we can to get your finished video promo to you as soon as possible.

Thank You,