Colliers International


The Issue

A new housing development needed to sell a hundred condo units asap. At the time we came on board they had only sold 11 units in one year.  The need to bring visibility to the location was our number one priority.   With only 10% of that inventory sold…investors were getting nervous.

Our Strategy

Our strategy was simple.  Develop a large sign at the front of the property that said, “Condos for Sale”.  Now, all traffic driving by would be able to see that the old apartment complex was renovated and turned into condos that were for sale. Next, we created a different type of traffic.  Internet traffic!  We created an email campaign with an embedded video showcasing the condo development.  This was new at the time and not widely used by any real estate company or agents.  We were trend setters!

The Results

By our efforts we were able to sell 39 units (average sales price of $240,000), generating more than $9,360,000 in less than 60 days! (In March & April not prime summer season either) Real estate marketing was never the same.
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