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The Issue

CEOSPACE is an organization that brings CEO’s, entrepreneurs and investors together five times a year to jump start new and existing businesses.  After rebranding, CEOSPACE International wanted to boost their SEO (search engine optimization) rankings.  The company was fighting negative stories that were coming up near the top of google searches and we were brought in to change that.  Sales goals were being hampered and new membership was suffering so our initial objective was to create a documentary that would change the narrative.

Our Strategy

We strategically leveraged the documentary, pushed down the negative Google searches by inundating the web with positive CEOSPACE news.  Lisa Kelley was added to the faculty and brought in as the brand ambassador where she assembled a branding team to create the overall strategy for the next two years.   

The Results

The various campaigns we created did what we had hoped as 60,000+ views to a promotional video were quickly tallied.  The positive news generated over a hundred thousand dollars in new membership and attendance to the conference.   A new reputation was shaping the new brand.  We went on to spotlight many different departments within the organization and increase their profits and grow those various revenue streams.

Mini Documentary about the Founder. We leveraged this product via an online campaign to help improve searches for Conference on google and push down negative press.

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