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Your business is a reflection of who you are

Essence Branding is coming from a space of authenticity.  It’s not defined as attempting to mold a brand into something from a manipulative space or a logical space.  It’s about infusing your purpose and your passion into the brand. 

People are slowly waking up and we attribute a lot of that to the millennials.  The questions have changed.  It’s no longer, what’s your service?  What’s your price?  People want to know… are you authentic?  Do you have integrity?  Those are qualities that people usually look for when building personal relationships and now people are looking for those same qualities in business.  People want to spend money with companies that share their values.  Let’s be clear.  You can be authentic and have integrity and STILL be incredibly profitable and successful in your business.

SALES:CREATIVE is unique from other branding companies in our approach.  We are less corporate and more authentic.  Our value proposition is: We are serving our clients from a space of authenticity, purpose and passion.  We believe that if you're coming from that space, you’ll be happier, more fulfilled and profitable.  We believe that companies who are not operating with that mindset need to reevaluate, shift and move to this new paradigm.  Being authentic, being real and caring about customers, rather than only caring about the bottom line, is essential to a company’s success.  One more important note…you can't fake it.   

Companies that are jumping on board and shifting toward this new model are seeing sustainable success.   By placing an emphasis on culture and hiring the right employees, companies are seeing productivity go up and turnover go down.  

Essence Branding was birthed after years of working with CEO’s that were coming from a space of ego.  For example, during the initial consulting/branding phase, CEO’s would say all the right things and agree to take a “hands off” approach.  That usually lasted about a month.  We repeatedly watched as the foundation we worked so hard to build, was slowly torn down.  We watched it happen time and time again so our focus shifted toward working with companies that shared our same values.  Allowing us to build the foundation for them, position them properly and give them the time to deliver their product or service. 

We truly believe that, “How we are in our business life, is exactly how we are in our personal life”.   We strongly believe that if you’re building a brand with the elements that we talked about in Essence Branding, you’ll be successful.  An increase in revenue will be a byproduct of all the pride you're displaying and the good that you are doing.  We are certainly not anti-making money.  We’re suggesting that companies go about it a different way.  Profits will be there if you have your priorities straight.  If your intent is to produce something to serve other people then your profitability is it going to be there.  It should be effortless because it's coming from a space of essence; it's coming from the core of who you are.  If you're coming from that space, abundance is going to come in the form of financial success.  That is Essence Branding.

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