Branding is Power

The pride you will feel when you take that step

Branding is similar to a person's identity. As Lisa Kelley I have my own look, my own style, my own preferences that differentiates me from anyone else in the world and that is exactly what branding is in business. It is important because it is the identity of the entity. As individuals we have different likes and dislikes. We are drawn to different styles such as traditional versus modern. Companies with great brands know exactly who they are and attract like-minded people to them. It is their personality.

In our experience, small business entrepreneurs, land on a logo they think looks good (mistaking it for their brand) and then make a rash decision to attempt to get their business off the ground. They sacrifice many crucial steps and end up attracting an audience that they didn't really want in the first place. The brand is out of alignment providing an obvious disconnect that absolutely affects the bottom line.

When we rebranded our company it was a complete overhaul. We incorporated new services that completely changed who we were. We were no longer just a video production company. We added branding, strategy; graphic design, product and web development services just to name a few. The essence of who we were changed and so did the name of our company. The logo was trashed. The colors were washed away. The website was redone. EVERYTHING! When the overhaul was complete, we more than doubled our revenue in one calendar year. By changing and shifting the look and feel of our brand, we started to attract more clients who resonated with us.

If companies do not take branding seriously and don’t make it the foundation of everything they're building on, they end up having what we call brand fragmentation. If you’re going on a job interview, you want to make a great first impression. You’re not going to walk in with sweat pants and flip-flops. It’s the same thing in business. It’s so important that you put you’re best foot forward when you create your new brand. You know it’s right when you’re proud to walk up to someone you just met and say “This is who I am, this is my business”. Just remember…a brand is more than just having a cool logo and a slick website. It starts by building a solid foundation. It’s outlining long-term objectives and figuring out who you are and who you want to attract. BRANDING IS POWER.


As a digital creative agency, we started noticing branding inconsistencies in consultations with prospective clients. They didn’t quite understand why their business was stagnant. It was easy to see what was going on. Websites didn’t match the social media pages. Colors were different and posts didn’t sound like they were coming from the company. These assessments were made in the first 5 minutes! It’s no surprise that they weren't getting the results they wanted. How can a company build momentum if they don't have a consistent look and feel? The answer is…they can’t. The difference between a fortune 500 company and other businesses is that they know this. If you have many different looks and feels then you're missing the mark and you're not going to gain traction as quickly than if you did have a consistent brand throughout EVERYTHING your company does.

1. Strategy Session

When we begin branding a company we go back several steps if necessary.  First we take you through a business strategy session.  Topics include cultivating a vision and mission statement.   It’s great if you already have one and you’d be surprised at how many companies don’t.  We’ll ask you questions about your brand positioning, your online presence and your goals.  We want to identify your different forms of revenue streams and plug in the gaps you may have (if you are an existing business).  The goal is to see the big vision so we can plot out a course and map out the best and fastest way to get there.   If you’re a company who is just starting out or maybe skipped this step, don’t worry, we will get you set up and ready to go in no time.  We’ve found that this process is necessary in order to help our clients thrive, be successful and make money.


Here’s a not so kept secret.  It's not too late to start over if you realize that you’ve outgrown your brand.  Companies do it all the time.  It’s better to do it sooner rather than later.   There are plenty of examples of companies who have rebranded because a new audience emerges and the older look no longer resonates.  With technology changing so quickly, rebranding websites every 3-year for example, needs to be considered a top priority.     

We’re really passionate when it comes to rebranding a company because it’s an opportunity to reinvigorate or generate a new audience.  It’s a rebirth!  An added benefit is that it totally re-energizes your employees.   It can shift the internal culture and bring people back to a feeling of team.   So don’t look at rebranding as a negative or a failure.  Look at it as a chance to do things differently and create a new and refreshing beginning.  This is why we love the rebranding process!

The first step to rebranding is admitting that you need to rebrand.  Don’t laugh; it’s not the easiest thing to admit.  At SALES:CREATIVE we understand how to properly build a brand and the foundational elements that goes into it.  Yes, there are methods that are tried-and-true that the fortune 500 companies use and we incorporate those elements when rebranding.  Look at it like this.  Businesses are no different than human beings.  They grow, evolve and mature.   Let us guide you into that next stage of evolution. 

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