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The Issue

Dr. Josh Axe was a new doctor with a new chiropractic clinic and was very tenacious and excited to grow his practice. At the same time, he wanted to grow his name and reputation so that one day he would become the expert on all things healthy and holistic. When we met with Josh, I noticed that there was an opportunity for SALES:CREATIVE to come in and help him develop a marketing strategy, beef up his production value and start producing promotional videos for him. Our goal was to grow his visibility, his audience and be on the fast track of helping him help people heal.


Our Strategy

We focused on a long-term strategy for his online presence. We created Dr. Axe TV and created a YouTube channel.  We started him out by producing his first few videos where his team would then take over in producing a video a week for a year.  We also produced a number of promotional videos that we placed on the homepage of his website. The most important one being the story of his mom’s fight with cancer and Dr. Josh’s protocol in fighting it.  That proved to be an incredibly powerful video in content and in the marketing of it. The video was placed on the home page and via an email campaign.

The Results

In one week, Dr. Axe generated over a hundred thousand dollars in revenue on an average sales price of $5,000.

We expanded his revenue streams by creating a six DVD box set called “The Real Body Revolution.” We partnered in creating an all-day event and produced the product which he sold on his website at $129 for many years. Today Dr. Josh Axe is a worldwide brand and is still following through with many of the strategies we put in place. He's a regular on Dr. Oz, has his own nutritional supplement product brand called Ancient Nutrition and his products are available in stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts and Kroger.



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