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The Issue

This was a company that was looking for an influx of a new round of seed money. We noticed he was having trouble getting and keeping people's attention when he gave his Investor Presentations. It took an average of two hours to explain the backstory as well as get into the rich content. He was not pleased with his business cards and needed a solution for shortening his presentation along with having a website that could give some basic information.

Confidential Insurance Client - SALESCREATIVE
Confidential Insurance Client - SALESCREATIVE

Our Strategy

We identified that for that to happen the brand needed a complete overhaul. We created a website, updated the logo and produced collateral (business cards, letterhead, etc.…) to legitimize the company. We produced an instructional/promo video on how this concept works. We also cut his presentation down to 30 minutes vs the two hours which engaged more prospective investors and pleased everyone.

The Results

Once everything was said and done, we were able to help the CEO raise $500,000 dollars as well secure a verbal commitment for 20 million dollars when he was only asking for 10 million.

Confidential Insurance Client - SALESCREATIVE


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