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Brand Strategy

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Content Creation

Website Design, SEO & Responsive

Website Design, SEO & Responsive

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Ongoing Content & Maintenance

All websites are not created equal, and we wish there was a universal understanding of what components are needed to create a great website. You can have the most aesthetically pleasing site and nobody in the world can find it or you can have everything running spectacularly in the backend though the website looks ugly. What if you could have both? That’s how we create our websites at SALES:CREATIVE.

When it comes to programming, there is a science to how to do this and our web team understands when we develop a website, we are both designers and programmers. We know how important SEO, search engine optimization, is to a website. We know that your website must be responsive when looking at it on your mobile devices. We know that hosting is necessary to keep hackers away and your website up online. And finally, we know how important the WOW factor is when someone goes to your website.

“Continuity” is a word you’ll hear a lot of at SALES:CREATIVE. Strategy, branding, graphic design and photography have all led us to web development. Because we’ve been part of this entire process the brand identity will 100% represent you, your company, your product on every page of your website. Another great asset in our approach when developing websites is content creation. We take away the pain and frustration that comes along with creating content for a website. We understood early on that the hardest thing for a company to do is to create their own content. We’ve developed a process where we can extract all the information we need in a matter of hours and not days or weeks. (We’ve actually heard some clients tell us it took them months when working with other web designers). Again, because we’ve gone through the business strategy and brand development phases, we have a full understanding of how and what type of information we need to include in our client's new website.

The written content keeps SEO in mind to help rank our client higher on Google without having to pay for it. That’s another great benefit of working with us. Don’t pay for something you don’t need to pay for. If you need a shopping cart on your site, we make sure that the checkout process takes less than three steps, which is very important in having a good shopping experience.

In summary we believe in design aesthetically pleasing websites, with robust behind the scenes functionality that make our websites look great and run incredibly well. When you choose to work with SALES:CREATIVE, you will be pleasantly surprised how we minimize the pain and stress out of creating a website for you or your company.

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As we build your website, Video Production will happen at the same time!

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