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Video production needs no introduction.  We live in an oversaturated world with videos being watched on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram to name a few.  We thrive and absorb video content at a faster pace than ever before so it’s a core part of our branding philosophy. On video production is there's no point in rolling on any video. If we can't get a reaction emotionally out of our viewer.  Our head of production is a storyteller first and foremost and knows the importance of grabbing someone's attention in that first five seconds then keeping them long enough to get the message that we need to communicate for our client. The trends have been telling us for years that video is not going away. As a matter of fact, it is becoming the top way that people want to get information about a brand or a person and the way in which they want that video content is shifting and is changing.

And of course, attention spans are getting smaller.  We at SALES:CREATIVE not only have we been doing that model for years and years and years, we were actually the trendsetter on doing these, having Lisa Kelley, an International Speaker on branding and marketing strategies on our team. She has been teaching about this for over 10 years on how leveraging video in the right mediums makes all the difference. One of our clients brought in over a hundred thousand dollars in one week with an average sales price of $5,000. All generated from a video that basically sold him and his story and this style of video is not going away. There are so many different ways that we can leverage video. We at SALES:CREATIVE truly get geeked out about finding all the different ways you can leverage video, whether that be on websites, point of purchase sales, a social media campaign and different types of videos that you use to leverage different products and services throughout your company.

Having a promotional video in your company and on the front of your website is incredibly important because it can communicate who you are and the essence of what your vibe is. Very quickly, within a minute to two minutes, someone can make that discernment of, is this somebody I resonate with, or is this a company I resonate with by having a video, because video can communicate in a way that photography and words just can't. One can truly experience that human connection and  either resonate or don't, and that can save money and time for that company in making sure that when they create the right video, that it hits the mark to the clients and prospects that they want. It becomes part of the sales process. As you're looking through our website and you're seeing all the different videos we've produced the reality is if you were to take the time to walk through these videos and just listen to the different sound bites on the different videos in the different sections of our services by the end of watching them, you're going to have a better understanding of who we are, what our core competencies are. Are we a good fit for you and more than likely, by the time you phone us, it's going to be, to ask some finalizing questions and to get started with our agency.  This is what we want for our clients!

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Let us Create a Ripple Effect for You!

For us social media comes down to strategy. There are many people out there that go hire someone to post on their behalf. That is...

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