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Strategy is our core philosophy at SALES:CREATIVE.   Our entire agency is built around this concept.  Whether it be a client who’s only looking to create a website or produce a promotional video, strategy is the first thing we will do.  Why…because as experts in our field, our job is to create products that are going to connect with our clients target market.

We don’t move into creating anything without first having a strategy session.  It’s integral in creating the brand identity, the visual look and feel of what the brand will soon become.  One huge aspect is business strategy. We want to take clients back to when they started their business.  Do they have a vision statement?  A mission statement?  What goals do they want to achieve in the next five to 10 years?  Is there an exit strategy?  These are just a few questions that as a brand strategist, we want answers for.  Now we can start the branding process.

For example,if someone asks us to JUST design a logo with no context to go by…they’ll quickly figure out after a 10-minute conversation why they shouldn’t go down that road.  If someone doesn't fully know who they are and where they’re going, how can we create a brand that communicates that to their clients or customers?  We can’t.  Once we identify who their target demographic is, then we can build a look and a feel for their new brand.

This is why an initial strategy session is so important.  We need to uncover all of these unanswered questions in order to break down the most asked question…why isn’t my company more profitable?  Is your brand NOT matching up with your ideals?  What are those ideals? Is your brand NOT matching up with your values?  What is your unique selling proposition vs. your competition? Do you even know who your competition is?  We will uncover all of these things during a half or full day immersion/strategy session that will dissect everything about your business…down to a science, prior to moving in, to the branding phase.

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Let us Create a Ripple Effect for You!

Once we know the who, what, where, when, how and why of your business…we will carry that over into developing the...

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