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For us social media comes down to strategy. There are many people out there that go hire someone to post on their behalf. That is not the best approach.  At SALES:CREATIVE we create an ongoing strategy for our clientele to ensure that the messaging is consistent across all platforms.  The business and brand strategy we developed at the outset, to make sure that your brand personality is the same on your website, your collateral and your social media platforms.

Customization is also key.  One client’s audience may be on LinkedIn and YouTube and not Facebook and Instagram.  Where your audience where how we build out your strategy.  We’ll go over short-term and the long-term and pivot since we know that social media is constantly changing.  We’ll constantly test different approaches to get the best results.  We track the analytics to see what's working, and what’s not working, allowing us to shift strategies immediately.

The biggest KPI, key performance indicator we will track with our strategy is engagement. We want to see how many people are resonating with your message.  We work with our clients in two ways. We will teach current team members the strategy in order to execute a specific campaign. Best times and days to post, what type of post, how to track and look at the analytics and how to grow your presence.  Or…our SALES:CREATIVE team can post on your behalf.  It’s time consuming and a completely different offering than strategy only though we offer both options. The most important thing to consider is how does the social media strategy play into the overall initiatives of the company.

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Let us Create a Ripple Effect for You!

Online marketing has been overtaken by social media though it still needs to be a part of your marketing tool kit. Newsletters, blogs, podcasts...

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