Let us Create a Ripple Effect for You!

Up to 4 Hour Photo Shoot with 3 Outfits

Consultation provided to ensure brand continuity

Studio Shoot and optional outdoor shoot

The pictures will be delivered to you via dropbox in less than one weeks time!

Photography is crucial in building the foundation for a brand.  At SALES:CREATIVE, our photo shoots are unique and fun.  We create an experience, and it doesn’t matter if it’s for a product, a person, a company or a group of people, we're going to create an experience that will showcase the brand.

The entire experience revolves around making everyone feel comfortable.  During the day’s long shoot, we're going to cater everyone’s favorite food.  We’re going to dial up the type of music that will make everyone feel loose and relaxed.  The shoot may take place in a studio, in nature or at the business location.  It all depends on what or who we’re branding.  Sometimes it is even two of those in one day!

If it’s a personality, the first thing we're looking at is the eyes.  What are the eyes saying to us?  The first thing we want to know is are they alive?  Is the brand identity professional?  Passionate?  Do I see passion in their eyes?  We believe that photography is the critical next step after strategy and brandingPhotography is so instrumental in communicating the brand identity on the website, on social media, on videos and anything you might need in the future.  We’re thinking ahead, being strategic in taking as many images as possible that we can in order to continue to flourish the brand over the next few years.

To summarize, a photoshoot can be in front of a white screen, in nature, on location, at the place of business.  It can be for an individual, a company or a product.  It complements the brand identity and will be used on all aspects of digital media.  It’s a vital aspect of the branding process and one that we, at SALES:CREATIVE, simply will not ever skip. 

Check out our work!

Kristian Merwin - Glassblower

We really wanted to capture the uniqueness of this online celebrity!  The subject matter itself was so interesting and to capture the essence of the steam punk vibe was just a blast for our team!  We are using these photographs for website, videos and potentially headshots for TV.

Amy Griffith - Yogi

Amy is a former Broadway Dancer and Rockette so she needed very little direction, as she was so great on camera!  We were capturing photographs for several objectives.  We needed shots for her website, marketing collateral and a DVD/Live streaming product we created.

JAM - Lifestyle Brand

John is a high performance Coach and his Wife and partner keeps everything running smoothly!  They were bringing a new product to market as well as branding John for his other Performance Lifestyle business!  This was such a fun shoot in NYC.  The usage of these photos were for both their websites as well as bio shots for John for collateral and even for personal pictures for the couple!

Munni Irone - Life Coach

Miss Munni is one of the kindest, most eccentric and vivacious lady we have ever met!  She gives so much to others yet has this sweetness that we wanted to capture!  Munni was coming out with a book so not only was her photography for collateral, website, videos and signage it was also for her book cover.

Max von App - Financial Planner

Max truly cannot take a bad photo!  This Financial Expert is so different than your typical type and we initially wanted to show his fun, whimsical personality because that is the kind of client who will be attracted to Max and his style.  He gave us such creative reign to showcase all sides of Max for collateral, videos, website and event banners

Tomoko Shibata - Healing Center Owner

Tomoko has a full service-healing center and is passionate about helping others heal!  She has a smile that lights up any room and our team enjoyed capturing the many sides of Miss Tomoko!  We were creating an online product website where many of these photographs were used as well as for website and Bio Shots

After Photography
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Let us Create a Ripple Effect for You!

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