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Online marketing has been overtaken by social media though it still needs to be a part of your marketing tool kit.  Newsletters, blogs, podcasts…are ways that you can add to your social media marketing.  In fact, they need to work together to help your SEO.  We will figure out what type of workload they can manage and help them create content that is easy and fun for them to create.  It can be writing a blog or producing short videos…whatever is the most comfortable.  We then take this content and leverage social media and email marketing together.

It’s not a question of one or the other.  We address them both.  It’s all about increasing your visibility online, period.  Prognosticators have been alerting us to the demise of email for many years.  It hasn’t happened yet.  Newsletters have been overtaken by social media post though are currently still relevant.  Blogs are still an import part of the social media equation whose sole focus is to get people to visit your website.  Until it has been proven that these strategies don’t work anymore…we at SALES:CREATIVE will continue to recommend and use online marketing.  The medium may ebb and flow and the names may change though the strategy still remains.

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Let us Create a Ripple Effect for You!

Product development is one of our favorite offerings at SALES:CREATIVE. Many businesses have untapped profit centers or undiscovered...

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