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Graphic design is more than a logo and a tagline. It’s actually everything that follows it.  Your website, social media channels, collateral, banners, business cards…etc.… So, it’s incredibly important that it’s done properly.  At SALES:CREATIVE we have skilled graphic design artists who understand how to render files on places where you’ll need them such as on your website, all videos, social media, banners, merchandise like hats or t-shirts and big billboards.

We only use the best at SALES:CREATIVE.  Artists who have 20 plus years-experience in the ad agency world.  They understand our approach in building brands focused on creating a solid foundation.   Our graphic designers are involved in the strategy session, so they understand the personality that we want to build.

By utilizing a team approach, everyone is on the same page.  From the client to the strategist to the graphic designer, the entire team will hear the aha moment of when a company was founded.   Creativity is formed during this moment and becomes the secret sauce, the brand identity which becomes the logo and tagline. It was designed from our hearts and minds.  We capture the essence of who that brand really is by using this process.  We don't build brands from a logical space.

When it comes time to present the different logo designs to the client, we’ve narrowed the concepts to five different variations.   The typical response is pure joy, excitement, and in some cases…tears.  This is one of our favorite parts of the entire process.  When we get these reactions…we know we've hit the mark.  It communicates to us that the way WE build brands, is the only way to do it.  We are not sacrificing any element of who that company is and what they have to offer.  We are building out the brand to who they are and how they want to be perceived in the marketplace.

After the beautiful brand design has been built our agency will deliver promotional printing services for business cards, letterhead, promotional collateral for expos, handouts and so much more.

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Let us Create a Ripple Effect for You!

Photography is crucial in building the foundation for a brand. At SALES:CREATIVE, our photo shoots are unique and fun....


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