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We at SALES:CREATIVE believe that a solid foundation is where a great brand begins and ends! Our philosophy is to ensure that each element of a client’s brand identity has seamless integration and continuity. We pride ourselves on carrying that personality throughout each element. We are a digital creative agency specializing in assisting those who are truly making a difference on this planet. We use effective strategies to achieve amazing results. Some of our greatest success stories come from our business strategy first, which sets us apart to support long term success.

Founded in 2007, SALES:CREATIVE offers branding and digital business services with integrity, respect, soul and passion to Salt Lake City, UT and globally. Based in Lehi, UT, we exist to create extraordinary brands for clients in a effort to turbo charge their sales goals. We are not your typical Branding and Marketing Company. To work with us means you become a part of our family.

Our promise to you is to make sure your company stays relevant and remains a strong brand now and in the future.




We strategize, we create and we deliver

Our Story

When we launched SALES:CREATIVE (previously White Chocolate Video Productions) in 2007 we did it for a number of reasons.  Number one being, our passion for what we do, and because we wanted to do things differently.  The business model back then was to hire many different companies to do certain things.  We had to find a graphic artist to create our logo.  We had to find a website design company to get us up on the web.  Social media was just starting to hit the mainstream and we would have had to see about hiring someone to do that too.  AND nobody was talking about strategy.  So we did what any new business does…we made mistakes.   At the time of our launch we were primarily a video production company that produced video content for our clients.  They always loved the finished product but they didn’t have a plan on how to use it.  YouTube was a few years away from really exploding.  Students at Colleges and Universities were the only ones using Facebook.  Forget about Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest.   And mobile devices…you flipped open and JUST made phone calls.  No texting, no apps and no Internet.  It was the Wild Wild West in many ways.

After having to strategize with our clients on how to use the videos to their advantage, we incorporated branding and strategy, into our growing lists of services.  By the way…back then we were one of the first companies who saw the power of video and where it was going.  We had lots of success in the early days of YouTube.  That’s when we knew we had something.  Anyways…back to the story.  We had to convince the web developers that our clients were using, that the best strategy was to incorporate branded videos with call to actions into the website and on the home page.  You laugh but that was a big deal back then.  Web developers didn’t like that and resisted, saying videos were a passing fad and a waste of time.  We knew better and quickly incorporated web development into the services we provide.  We then added graphic artists, videographers and photographers to our team.  Content writers, creative directors too.  Pretty soon we were a full service digital creative agency…with a twist.  One more side note…companies like ours used to be called ad agencies or marketing companies but that didn’t quite fit the mold once the video fad never faded and social media/mobile devices exploded on to the scene.  So digital creative agency is just about right…for now.

The twist is this…we added many players to our team so that we could offer our clients branding services, strategy, graphic design, web development, video and photography, social media strategy…etc…but we didn’t hire them in the traditional sense.  We hire premier contractors in order to control our cost and pass those savings on to our clients.  This is what our business model looks like.  Lisa Kelley is a certified professional coach and heads the Branding Division of the company. The other departments go through our project managers that we both manage.  It is important that SALES:CREATIVE maintains that continuity throughout a company’s brand.  Don’t worry…we play well with others and are happy to do that.  We decided on this business model so companies save money and don’t make the same mistakes we made.

Now…Ten years later we’re at a place where things are changing at a rapid pace.  We may not know exactly what’s on the horizon but we do know one thing.  When the trends change, SALES:CREATIVE will survey, adjust and implement to stay relevant.  We’ve evolved throughout our company’s history and we will encourage all companies do the same. As a business owner, you need to change, readjust your strategies, streamline your brand and logo, and above all, strive to remain relevant in your marketplace.  

About Our Founder


Lisa Kelley

Lisa’s experiences working with top Fortune 50 companies such as Bank of America, PepsiCo, Cisco & DuPont has allowed her to work with her entrepreneurial clients on helping them shape a larger vision for their business.  “Most entrepreneurs just think about surviving.  I see our role at SALES:CREATIVE to be to help them understand first what is possible, second to build the strategy for them to get there, and lastly to execute the plan”, Lisa says.  

While most consultants develop a plan and then disappear, Lisa and her partner Carlos enjoy the implementation component.  Utilizing tools varying from Brand creation, product development, website development and high impact video production to integrated product launch campaigns.

She has helped authors become best sellers, is instrumental in developing new products for businesses and is an expert at developing strategic sales campaigns to increase profits.

She will take the time to listen to you and formulate a plan of action that will get you results.  She will be open and honest even when the truth isn’t what you want to hear.  She will keep you accountable and on the right path.  She is a tireless worker who will not rest until you are satisfied with your product.