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Are You Ready For a Change?


Since 2006 this Live In-Person training course has set the worldwide standard for professional coach training and certification with over six thousand successful graduates!   There are so many “Life Coaching” courses out there ranging from $1500 to 10,000.  What makes this one so unique is that it has been scrutinized and has been approved at a University Level to be considered an accredited curriculum course.  That carries a great deal of weight when searching for the right place to invest in your future.  That also means that in certain industries it is already approved to be a Continued Education Units 16 Hr Course Credit.

Students who enroll in this live in-person course can successfully complete their training and earn their Certified Professional Coach Certificate in 4 days!  Experienced Master Coach, Lisa Kelley, leads this course.  She has a passion for the coaching profession and genuine commitment to every student’s success.  Enrollment in the in-person course is limited to 8 students so each student has individual access to the Master Coach.

Are You Sick of Your Job?

Become a Certified Professional Coach in 2 to 4 Days (both options available)

Most people have a misconception that to become a certified professional coach, it will require months and months of schooling.  Not true.  In this course you will acquire all the tools necessary to become a Certified Professional Coach AND when you graduate have the blueprint to go into business for yourself and immediately start coaching clients. 

Do You Want to Learn How to Use Your Life Experience to Help Others?

Training and Coaching Systems

Here is what is included in your tuition:

  • 16 hours of Live Certified Professional Coach Training
  • 3rd party credentialing through the Strategic Learning Alliance
  • Optional AASCB (top 15% graduate business course) credits in cooperation with SLA and their affiliates
  • Lifetime Use of our Proven Coaching System
  • Coach Training Manual and Course Handouts
  • Proven Professional Coaching Tools
  • Coach’s Quick Reference Guide
  • Certified Professional Coach Exam (included)
  • Certified Professional Coach Digital Certificate
  • Membership in Best of Coaching’s Professional Coach Community
  • Telephone and Email Access to Master Coach Question Center


Certified Professional Coach Course Curriculum

Foundations of Successful Coaching Introduction

  • Objectives of Coaching
  • Confidentiality and Ethics of Coaching
  • The Role of the Coach
  • Sustainable and Measurable Results
  • Professional Coaching System

Mastering the Coaching Process

  • Developing Professional Client/Coach Relationships
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Goal Setting – Planning for Success
  • Action Steps – Measuring, Assessing and Rewarding Results
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Exercises and Practicum

Building Your Professional Coaching Practice

  • Business Structure and Record Keeping
  • Marketing Strategies for the Professional Coach
  • Acquiring Your First Clients
  • Setting Your Professional Fees
  • Identifying Opportunities in Your Community
  • Building a Referral-based Practice
  • Creating a Powerful Web Presence
  • Advertising, Promotions and Public Relations

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Calendar with future dates

Jan 3 & 4
9am - 6pm
Nashville, TN
Jan 11,12,15, & 16
12am - 4pm
Salt Lake City, Utah
Jan 19,20, & 21
12am - 4pm
Brentwood, CA
Feb 8,9,12, & 13
12am - 4pm
Salt Lake City, Utah
Mar 15,16,19, & 20
12am - 4pm
Salt Lake City, Utah

* Class dates, times & locations subject to change


When I started “ giving advice ” to people, I always heard them say ...” You know you should do this for a living. ” As I started thinking more and more about it, my fear was that I didn ’ t have a curriculum that I followed. I coached through intuition. I didn ’ t even know what to charge people either. Once I completed the course I now ha ve the tools to help me create an outline for my clients. I have a curriculum that I ca n follow and I now feel confident of what to charge and how long of a program to bu ild around each individual client.

I’m in a job that’s extremely comfortable but not fulfilling.  I’m 60 and I work at a fortune 50 company and after 40 years of working there, I’m starting to look at what my next career move will be…one that will offer me more fulfillment.  After going through this coaching course, I now have many options for what that next career path will be.  The vision statement we created in class is life changing.  If I had gone through the class and if the only thing I got was the vision statement…it would have been well worth the money I spent.  That’s how amazing the course was for me.

One thing that I’ve always wanted to do was go into Hispanic communities and reach out to kids who feel that their destiny is nothing more than just hanging out on the corner and getting into trouble.  As a Hispanic man growing up, becoming an entrepreneur was not something that was taught.  I had to learn it on my own.  I didn’t have a workbook that taught me what to do.  After taking and completing the certified professional coaching course I now have the tools to create a system and take that to the Hispanic community to get kids thinking about their future.  Thinking about not just going out and finding a job, instead they are the ones doing the hiring because they are the business owners.

Yearning to Serve a More Meaningful Purpose?

Certified Master Coach


Lisa Kelley

Lisa Kelley comes with over 20 years experience with training and coaching skills.  She started her career in Corporate America as a Customer Service Trainer.  Her job entailed traveling around the United States training a large Corporate Account, Columbia/HCA hospitals programming and training all personnel on their new telephone/voicemail systems along with call accounting software.  She recognized a passion for educating others at an early age.

Her career in Telecom continued as a Senior Sales Executive for the next 10 years and she cultivated her skills positioning multi million dollar deals with the top Fortune 50 companies.  That is where Lisa learned to develop her business strategy skills, as she was assisting in building new profit centers, streamlining departments and affecting bottom line return on investments.  She worked directly with many C-Level executives and board of directors in that time.

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As she continued her career the next 10 years as Partner & CEO in her own digital creative agency.  Lisa became an International Speaker and Global Business Strategist on the topics of Branding & Marketing.  Lisa continued her passion of educating others in a different capacity though staying true to her calling of serving others to help them grow.  Her teachings are in various Universities.  She continued working with those same types of C-level executives and noticed a similarity to the ones from her previous career.  Although she was offering completely different products there was a common theme of certain self-sabotaging behaviors.  Her agency could do absolutely everything right and noticed the clients would not be successful. 

Although Lisa had permission to consult on a professional level she wasn’t able to coach on a personal level.  This was the missing link!  Once she was able to do both she watched her clients soar!  There is a distinct correlation between balancing the personal AND professional aspects.  Lisa believes “how we show up in one area of life is how we show up in all areas of our life.”  She has gone on to not only become a Certified Professional Coach in her business; she continued her education as a Master Certified Coach to “coach the coaches”. 

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