About Us:


Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Nashville, our company was one of the first to notice the importance of the Internet when it came to how to market your company or service. We understood then and now how vital it is for businesses to connect to their audience. And that audience may not be only in front of the TV or newspaper.

We have a top-notch marketing team that will develop a strategy for you. We have an Emmy award winning in-house production team to produce promotional and marketing videos. We have a social media division to create effective sales and marketing campaigns that get you results. Why? Because that’s what’s working in this ever changing digital marketplace. That doesn’t mean we will not market your business the conventional way. We have a PR team. We will use print and TV, but only if your business needs it. We will find out what your business needs and customize it to get you results.

Our company is in the results driven business. We strategize, we create and we deliver.

The Founders:

Lisa Kelley

Lisa Kelley

Lisa is an international speaker who has worked in high-level corporate sales working with top 50 companies developing new ways to increase their revenue streams.  She started her own company, Sales:Creative to bring that big way of thinking to solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.  She has helped authors become best sellers, is instrumental in developing new products for businesses and is an expert at developing strategic sales campaigns to increase profits.

She will take the time to listen to you and formulate a plan of action that will get you results.  She will be open and honest even when the truth isn’t what you want to hear.  She will keep you accountable and on the right path.  She is a tireless worker who will not rest until you are satisfied with your product.

Carlos Jasso

Carlos Jasso

Carlos is an Emmy nominated video journalist and master storyteller.  He has over 15 years experience in shooting, directing, editing, script writing and DVD production.  As a partner in Sales:Creative, he heads up the video production division where he creates compelling videos that assist in the sales campaign process.

He will give your product/service life; give it a lifestyle through the eye of his camera lens.  He instantly sees your story and the best way to tell that story from beginning to end.  He and his production team are creative and imaginative so that every product they produce is one of a kind.  Carlos is a perfectionist in every aspect of production.  From the audio to the story telling, to the lighting and the final publication, he and his team will not compromise quality to produce something fast and easy.  He will sell your product/service for you, through the power of video.